KIM + ONO: A Chinatown Gem

At the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown is KIM + ONO, a modern boutique that seeks to preserve the local and cultural art of kimono design. I stopped in one day to meet one of the founders herself, Renee Tam, who shared with me how it was started. She grew up in the area with her sister, and initially KIM+ONO was owned by the family as a small boutique in Chinatown under the name Old Shanghai. The girls grew up visiting silk villages abroad with their parents, meeting with artists and craftsmen who had passed along the art of kimonos for generations. I was so excited to collaborate with a brand that is not only an SF local, but also one that is dedicated to originality, culture, and a traditional and sophisticated art. As they state, “we design with elegance and function in mind to create classic kimonos that make for a sophisticated staple to any woman’s wardrobe.”

I’m excited to share with you how I’ve integrated these beautiful kimonos they have kindly gifted me into my life, as well as a giveaway opportunity! For a chance to win a kimono robe, enter the giveaway here (ends Thursday September 26th, 2019 at 11:59 PST)! Good luck!

*Features gifted products