Fewer, Better with Cuyana

Small Structured Leather Tote  |  Wrap Skirt  |  Features gifted products

Small Structured Leather Tote | Wrap Skirt | Features gifted products

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed partnering with the SF-based brand Cuyana, featuring their various elegantly designed collections. Cuyana is a modern woman’s brand that I’ve always stayed loyal to for their ethos of “fewer, better”. I’m excited to show you some of my favorite pieces from their Fall 2019 collection, and how I have integrated their ethos into my life.

I’ve been on the hunt for the work bag for a while, and I’ve been so thrilled that Cuyana came out with the Small Structured Leather Tote because it really is the perfect size, look, and weight. The leather is high-quality and resistant to the scratches my totes usually have to endure. It’s not too big or small, and even on busy days when I’m running around, it carries my life throughout my various activities while retaining an innately beautiful shape and design. Because it’s not a market tote size, it does not tempt me to overpack things I do not need.


Cuyana has always carried with it the ethos of “fewer, better”. To me, “fewer, better” means thoughtful design, and durable quality. Overall, this philosophy encourages me to want less, in the pursuit of quality. It has helped me maintain a mindful approach to curating a lean closet because of the conscious choices I’ve learned to make about the things I own and purchase.

Because of this, my closet has breathing space, and mentally I feel freed knowing I do not need to manage an excess of stuff. It also means that I end up loving my belongings for years to come. This bag helps me practice “fewer, better” in all of the above ways. I also love its neutral color as it fits with nearly every purpose and outfit. It’s so nice not having to ponder what bag I’m grabbing for the day. Whether it’s for work or play, this tote’s functional and versatile nature means it is pretty much perfect for anything I need to do. That’s fewer better.