Song Tea & Ceramics


A wonderful wellness space in SF is Song Tea & Ceramics on Sutter Street. Song Tea is a tea and ceramics gallery that features some of the most well-curated teas and tea products. The Song experience is a deep exploration into the world of loose tea leaves and the art of tea drinking. Their teas are carefully canned and thoughtfully selected from various parts of the world.

One of my favorites is the Shan Lin Xi tea, which is an unsprayed (no pesticides) tea from the mountains of Taiwan found at 1500m above sea level — elevations and temperatures that help create its unique flavor profile. The intense cold hardens these tea leaves, increasing the amount of sugar and nutrient storage — thus creating its notes of caramelized ginger, kettle corn, and cotton candy. I was excited to take this one home and it has since become a staple in my tea cabinet.

Stopping into Song Tea is always a treat because of their ever-changing display of ceramics, featured tea samples, and guided tea tastings at their communal table.