Furnishing with Oliver.Space


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Upon moving into the new home, I furnished part of the space with Oliver.Space, a new SF-based furniture rental service. The above is their beautiful birch Sven couch that they kindly gifted me as a housewarming gift.

Although I didn’t move very far, I’ve been on the hunt for a new sofa, and the move did not make that very easy at all – especially since the work had already been put in to lug the darn old thing over.

Cue Oliver.Space, the service that aims to take those headaches away. When life / a new career / job calls, and you have to move, the worst part sometimes is rounding up all these big pieces of furniture and getting them to the new place. The next part is trying to fit those pieces that were designed for your old home into your new home, and then making new decisions on how these pieces are going to fit. Sometimes it’s fun if it works out nicely – but sometimes it’s nice to start over fresh if it’s not too costly.

I love that Oliver.Space allows the flexibility to rent and return furniture on a monthly basis. So you’re never really “all-in” on an expensive (and heavy!) couch (or coffee tables, dressers, dining table, lamps, what have you). Nothing is more painful than spending all the $$$ to buy furniture, and then having to sell it for a fraction of the price when you have to move.

I’m excited to be offering $50 off your Oliver.Space purchase through the code “LIZ” if you are located in the SF Bay Area, where they are currently delivering! Enjoy!

DesignLiz Wang